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Angelonia Angelface Series-PW™    
 Unfazed by our southern heat and humidity, compact plants produce large, tightly clustered flowers on tall spikes. This series has received multiple awards for performance. Growing 18-24´tall, full sun.
Angelface Blue, Angelface White, Angelface Pink

Bacopa (Sutera)-PW™
Low trailer, self-cleaning, blooming profusely all summer. Low maintenance, great filler for planters, hanging baskets or garden beds. Height 3-8”, full sun to partial shade.
Bacopa Cabana White, Bacopa Cabana Blue, Bacopa Snowstorm Pink

Million Bells Calibrachoa-PW™
Abundant, small petunia-like flowers.  Extremely popular series with superior disease resistance, impressive flower size and heat tolerance.  Good color range, self cleaning with hundreds of blooms from planting until frost.  Does not tolerate consistently wet feet.  Height 7-10”, trailers 3-8”, full sun.
Cherry Pink, Crackling Fire, Trailing Blue, Trailing Pink

Superbells Calibrachoa Series-PW™
Extremely popular performer. Superior disease and heat resistance, impressive flower size and color.  Self cleaning with literally hundreds of blooms from early in the season until frost.  Height 6-10”, full sun to part shade.
Dreamsicle, Red, Tequila Sunrise, Tickled Pink, and White

Superbells Trailing Series-PW™
An abundance of cascading color with all the attributes of the established Superbells series. Height 5-8”, full sun to part shade.
Trailing Plum

Bold, exciting, and versatile. Phenomenally popular foliage plants, running the gamut of sizes, leaf shapes and patterns. Easy to grow and among the fastest-selling plants in our program.

Colorblaze Series


LifeLime - Bright Chartreuse flecked with burgundy, 20-36”, partial shade to shade.
Sedona-Lobed, rounded leaves, unique rusty-orange color. 18-24”, partial sun to shade.

Gay’s Delight - Lime Green with black venation, brilliant in mixed containers, borders, or beds. Sun or shade, 24-36”.

Merlin’s Magic - Extremely compact, uniform foliage featuring a blend of rich purple, green and pink tones Plant sun to shade 10-16”.

Chocolate Drop, Lobed, rounded green leaves with deep crimson center and crimson venation, trailing habit makes this a great plant for containers, combinations, and beds 12-18”. Sun to part shade.

Coleusaurus Kiwi, Impressive color and texture, grows 18-30 inches tall making it appropriate for large containers and landscape. Full sun to part shade.

Dappled Apple, Broad apple-green leaves with yellow flecks underpinned by yellow veins, great in combinations, beds or borders, 16-18” tall, sun to part shade.

Euphorbia Diamond Frost-PW™
Non-stop display of airy white blooms make this an almost perfect variety of Euphorbia.  Exceptional heat and drought tolerance. Winner of many awards including Best of Show, Plant of the Year and Top Performer, Ohio State. Great response from the public through three seasons of the year. Height 12-28”, plant in full sun or part-shade.

Euphorbia- Kalipso-PW™
Small-leaved, extremely bush, boxwood-like variety. Golden chartreuse flowers appear above soft, moss green foliage, and then disappear beneath new growth. Rounded habit resembles a clipped, boxwood ball. Hardy to -5 this little groundcover euphorbia can be treated as a perennial in our area.  8-12” high, sun to shade.

These tried and true varieties have great color and leaf shape.  Vigorous trailing growth allows these plants to work beautifully in containers and in the garden beds.
8-10” tall, sun to part shade.
Black Heart, Margarita, Blackie

Dependable, continuous blooming, lovers of heat, unaffected by dry conditions, the lantanas are the perfect annual for containers and gardens in the south.  Full sun.
Upright - New Gold, Patriot Classic Cherry, Classic Desert Sunset and Classic Patriot Deen Day Smith, and Weepers - Luscious Grape and Patriot Dove Wings

Profuse yellow and green variegated foliage provides a fabulous background for brilliant yellow blooms. Very heat tolerant.
Goldilocks, Walkabout Sunset

Muehlenbeckia-PW™ Creeping Wire Vine
Tiny rounded glossy leaves  provide great draping element to containers. Can also be trained on topiary forms.

Delicate snapdragon-like flowers come in soft pastel colors; the lustrous colored opal innocence makes it one of our favorites. Both varieties show much more heat tolerance than other  nemesias. Full sun to part shade, 8-10”.
Opal Innocence, Blue Bird

Compact habit, nonstop blooms from spring into winter for these heat tolerant Osteos.  Distinguished dark blue centers match them well Nemesia Blue Bird for stunning baskets or flower beds. Full sun. 8-14”.
Soprano Purple, Symphony Lemon, Symphony Orange, Symphony Vanilla

This Butterfly series produces large flowers, while withstanding stressful conditions.  Vigorous, large full plants are great for garden borders and containers and true to name attract butterflies to the garden. Full sun 18-24”.
Butterfly Lavender, Butterfly Deep Pink, Butterfly Red and Butterfly White

Growing petunias has never been easier.  Supertunias have a tough nature, sturdy habit and are excellent performers.  Self-branching, self-cleaning, huge color ranges make these plants a classic favorite for all gardens. Grow to a height of 6-10” in full sun.
Bordeaus, Mini  Appleblossom, Mini  Silver, Red, Royal Magenta, Royal Velvet,
Raspberry Blast, Superfina Blue Sky

Superior branching habit, heat and drought tolerant, and easy to maintain.  Add a unique trailing and spreading habit to the landscape or hanging basket.  Full sun 8-12”.
Whirlwind Blue, Whirlwind White

These shade-lovers provide great color throughout the summer months well into fall.  Thrive in high humidity, a sure bet for lots of color in shady locations.  Shade to partial sun, growing 10-12”.
Summer Wave Blue, Catalina White Linen, Summer Wave Amethyst

Large flowers, mildew-resistant and a strong growth habit make  these a must have for every garden. Great color and semi-upright trailing habit allows this plant to work well in beds or containers. 6-12” full sun.
Superbena Burgundy, Babylon White, Superbena Dark Blue, Superbena Large Lilac Blue

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